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What's new from CPA UK

What's new from CPA UK

Members of the St Helena Public Accounts Committee will meet counterparts in Tynwald, Isle of Man and Westminster

Monday 20 November 2017

The Chair, Vice Chair, Members, and Clerk of the Public Accounts Committee of St Helena will visit the Isle of Man and Westminster from 27 – 30 November for a capacity-building programme organised by CPA UK.

In addition to observing evidence sessions of the Public Accounts Committees (PACs) of Tynwald and the UK Parliament, the four-day programme offers opportunities for direct exchanges with UK Members of both Houses, committee clerks and officials, representatives of the UK National Audit Office, and other relevant stakeholders. Sharing experience and good practice around crucial committee work, such as the preparation of inquiries and evidence sessions, will build the skills and capacity of the entire committee. The programme has been tailored to the requirements of the Chair, Vice Chair, Members, and Clerk with a view to strengthen the PAC upon their return to St Helena.

The visit was requested by the Chair of the PAC, Cyril Gunnell, and will be delivered by the UK Overseas Territories (UKOT) Project. Mr Gunnell, along with St Helena’s Head of Internal Audit John Kanes and Chief Auditor Phil Sharman, attended the Parliamentary Forum on Oversight of Public Finance in March 2017, which brought together PAC Chairs and Heads of Internal and External Audit from ten UK Overseas Territories, and helped identify areas for support around public financial oversight. The Forum included a series of workshops, enabling participants to discuss challenges and successes to achieving good practice in public financial oversight with their counterparts in the UK and UKOTs.

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